Cox Farms – VA

Cox Farms Info:

  • City: Centreville, VA
  • Type: Farm
  • Outdoor or Indoor? Outdoor
  • Age Range:
    • Good for Babies? Yes
    • Good for Elementary? Yes
    • Good for Teens? Yes
Cox Farms Fall Festival
Cox Farms Fall Festival

Fall Festival Review at Cox Farms:

Cox Farms Exceeded Expectations BUT was also pretty hot and crowded. Here are my tips and our favorites from the day:⁣

🥵 For the Heat:⁣
1. Bring ice in water bottles and there are at least 2 drinking water stations to fill up. ⁣
2. 2 spray areas (like at the National Zoo) 1 in the Kiddie area for smaller kids and one on the way to Farm Chores. ⁣
3. Sunscreen and hats ⁣

💡For the Crowds: ⁣
1. @Kidsquarantineandme said the crowds are less around 3PM (closes at 6PM). ⁣
2. Walk around a bit to find less crowded spots. We found the hayride had no line at one point and hopped on! And then later, some of the slides were much less crowded. ⁣
3. We masked in the quasi-indoor spots like the school bus. ⁣

🌟 Our Favs:⁣
1. The 6 slides were amazing! ⁣
2. Hayride was so cool with many interactive parts (don’t want to spoil the surprises but they definitely got me with one of the pranks!)⁣
3. Corn Maze was great on protocols: it’s one way you just follow the path. LOTS of surprises like the school bus, ancient Egypt, pirates and a Bug Museum. ⁣

Check out a Reel of our fun here.

Cox Farms Amenities

  • Restrooms? Yes
  • Parking Type? Lot
  • Stroller/Wheelchair Accessible? Not wheel chair accesible but strollers would work and they have free stroller rental!

More Info:

Popular farm in Centreville that has a Fall Festival and corner market.

Website: Link.

More VA Kids Spots here: More spots.

fall festivals northern virginia cox farms is our favorite!
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