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Morning at the Museum – Sample Itinerary

Earlier this week, I asked parents on Instagram what types of scenarios they would want me to create a sample itinerary for and the majority of requests were for a Baby or Toddler Itinerary. So, I put together a “morning at the museum” for more multipurpose use!  (Also, be sure to check out this guest post IContinue reading “Morning at the Museum – Sample Itinerary”

Tips for Smithsonian Museums with Out of Town Guests

We love when friends and family visit us in Washington, D.C.! There is so much to do and see (and eat!) here that it is a tourist hot spot for Americans and International visitors throughout the year. We’ve done the all-day museum visits with friends and family in town, and while its super fun, itContinue reading “Tips for Smithsonian Museums with Out of Town Guests”

Free Museum Scavenger Hunt for ANY Museum – downloadable

I love getting suggestions from moms who’ve downloaded the Family Trip Guides to the Smithsonians!  A local mom with kids a little bit older than mine had a great suggestion recently to add Scavenger Hunts for each of the Smithsonian museum Guides. Sadly with all the summer busyness I haven’t had time to make customContinue reading “Free Museum Scavenger Hunt for ANY Museum – downloadable”

Museum Matchmaker! Tying Kid’s Interests to each Smithsonian

I’ve had this idea to play “Museum Matchmaker” for a while now! A friend once asked me how do you choose which Smithsonian to bring your child to if you only have time for one. The first question is, “What is my child already interested in?” Let their passions lead the visit and they willContinue reading “Museum Matchmaker! Tying Kid’s Interests to each Smithsonian”

Survival Tips for Visiting Smithsonians with Kids in the Summer

I think summer is one of the best times to visit the Smithsonians with kids if you are visiting or live in the area. They are Free, Air-Conditioned, and Spark Curiosity for your kids! But there is a flip side to summer visits…the tourists! So below are 3 Survival Tips for taking kids to the Smithsonian Museums in DC during the Summer.

Natural History Museum Washington DC with Kids

Kid Favorites at the Natural History Museum Smithsonian!

The Natural History Museum in Washington, D.C. is an incredible place of wonder and exploration for adults, kids and even hard-to-please-teens! There are fascinating exhibits ranging from a tunnel of gems to Dinosaur fossils and tons of hands on experiences. It would take a week to go through all the exhibits so I wanted toContinue reading “Kid Favorites at the Natural History Museum Smithsonian!”

How To Plan for a Great Smithsonian Museum Trip with Kids

Have you heard the phrase “the battle is won in training”? May be a little extreme connection to museum trip planning but then again, it might not be too far off! A great day at the museum with your kids can be won or lost in the prep. I’m all for a spontaneous family trip, but Smithsonians with kids often take a little more planning.

Postal Museum, Washington DC with kids

Hidden Gem of DC: The National Postal Museum with Kids

This museum is the Hidden Gem of Smithsonians and definitely the “easiest” of the Smithsonians with kids! Excellent hands-on exhibits and the largest collection of stamps in the world. And the museum is right next to Union Station which makes it perfect for metro, parking and dozens of food options from Shake Shack to Chipotle!

Food Options near each Museum (All Family-Friendly!)

The 2nd most asked question I get is about family friendly food options near the Smithsonian Museums and the National Mall. (The MOST asked question is definitely on parking and I wrote a post on that here!)  So, today on the blog I have my top recommendations for each of the 12 DC Smithsonian Museums + 1 Zoo.Continue reading “Food Options near each Museum (All Family-Friendly!)”

3 Kids Favorites at Smithsonian Museum of American History!

All of the Smithsonian Museums have great kids areas or ways to include kids in the exhibits but there is definitely 2 standouts. Natural History and American History. Despite being one of the most visited museums on the National Mall, my kids are always asking to go back to the American History Museum!

Air and Space Museum, Washington DC with kids

3 Things Your Family Can’t Miss at the Air and Space Museum!

Did you know the Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum in DC is the most visited museum in the USA?! If you ever visited on a summer or weekend morning, then I’m sure you can agree it gets a little crazy. However I am here to share some tips, hacks and short cuts to survive the crowds and actually enjoy this incredible museum!

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