Smithsonian Museum Family Guides

The Smithsonian Institution is huge and includes 12 different Museums and 1 amazing Zoo in Washington, D.C. These free museums are wonderful for kids BUT they can be overwhelming because of the crowds and the size!

As a local mom of 2 kids in the DC area, I was surprised that the top Smithsonian museums don’t have kid specific guides… so I made them!

The Smithsonians are Free, but can be Overwhelming with Kids

Museum Family Guides help you navigate the museums without the stress! (Surprisingly, the top museums do not have kids guides so check out below what is included in ours!)

7 page PDF packed with ALL you need to know including: 

  • Hours and how to beat the crowds
  • Transportation and best parking ideas for each museum (street and garage)
  • 3-4 Food options per museum
  • Can’t Miss Exhibits for each age group
  • Gift Shop Alternatives! (Costs a little, but saves you from the gift shop!)

All Guides include a printable Passport for your Kids!

  • Your child’s page with a space for them to draw their picture and put their name and age
  • Museum Pages for each of the Smithsonian museums in DC and spot to fill in their favorite exhibit
  • Earn “Stamps!” The last page of the printable includes “stamps” that kids can cut and glue onto each museum page after they visit.

Specialized Tips for 3 Age Groups

  1. Babies and Toddlers (changing and nursing stations info!)
  2. Elementary Age (Fun hands on activities)
  3. Teens (Smithsonian Selfie Spots!)

Pricing – Currently $5 for 1 Guide or $18 for 5 Guides

What Parents are Saying About the Guides!

Air and Space Museum, Washington DC with kids

These guides are lifesavers! The Smithsonian museums have so much to offer that it can be easy to get swallowed up in the all the exhibits. These guides help me focus my visits on the parts of the museum that have the biggest impact on my kids. I especially love the “Mom Tips” – I’ve been visiting Smithsonian museums for years and didn’t know half of them! – Elle, Mom of 4

These guides take all the guesswork and stress out of visiting a Smithsonian museum with kids. I love the practical logistical information from a fellow mom who knows how important it is to locate food and restrooms with toddlers! I also appreciate the suggestions for what to do with different age ranges, and what to prioritize if you don’t have much time.” – Meg, DC toddler mom

“Living in the suburbs, we love visiting the Smithsonian museums year round. My kids love filling out their own Passport for the museums! They now see it around the house and ask when we can go get another “stamp!” – Will, Dad of 2

Museum Guides

American History Museum

Everyone will “ooh and ahh” at this great Smithsonian museum! Highlights include: the original flag Star Spangled Banner, First Ladies Collection and Julia Child’s kitchen. 

National Zoo

National Zoo, Washington, D.C.
We might be biased, but this is the best zoo in the world! Part city park, part research Smithsonian institution and lots of amazing animals! 

Air and Space Museum

The most visited Smithsonian museum in the US, and for good reason! Kids of all ages will be excited to learn about flight and space. Amazing hands on exhibit on How Things Fly.

Postal Museum

Postal Museum, Washington DC with kids
This is an incredible hidden gem and definitely the “easiest” of the Smithsonian museums! Hands-on exhibits and the largest collection of stamps in the world! 

Natural History Museum

A wonderful place for kids and adults alike! Main attractions include the Hope Diamond, Live Butterfly Room, Dino Fossils and Mammal Hall at this popular Smithsonian museum.  

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