What the beta members are saying about the DMV Scoop Membership

Last Spring, I launched a beta version of the Scoop Membership to give families in the DMV tailored recommendations through a weekly email. I was nervous about the tech side of things, if people would like this format, and if I would find enough activities to recommend…

Thankfully, the tech and format worked great (except for a few emails going to spam!) And I had no need to worry about running out of activities; this is the most incredible area! I wrote 27 recommendations for 11 weeks (275+) and there’s still so much more to share!

As we begin the Summer Scoop, there are splash pads and water parks, outdoor concerts, and movies, nature activities, and hidden gems to explore!

At the end of the Spring Scoop, I asked the beta members for their thoughts on the program and they were generous to share their thoughts. I’m so thankful to each of them for taking a chance and buying a membership that was just created.

The Summer Scoop is open now and will close Tuesday, May 31st so I can load everything up in time for your first weekly email on Wednesday, June 1st. Check out all the details and what a Scoop email looks like here.

Testimonials from the Beta Testers of the Spring Scoop:

The Scoop always has a broad range of different activities – most of which I had no idea about! It’s a great one-stop resource for the things happening around town that weekend!

– Alexandria mom that loves to her her active boy OUT of the house

We’ve tried new things and had a lot more fun because of the Scoop! We’re a military family and only here for a tiny window of time. The Scoop helps us find the secrets that would take me years to find on my own.

West Springfield Mom of 3

It’s been so helpful to have someone else do the research for me – when specific festivals are starting, what itinerary makes sense for a certain park/lunch combo, etc – all in an easy to understand, detailed weekly email. Now instead of always keeping an ear to the ground and looking multiple places for ideas, I just wait for the Scoop email, and I have time to actually go on adventures and be a spontaneous fun mom! – DC toddler mom

DC Toddler Tom

Jennifer’s weekly Scoop emails were a highlight each Wed. morning. Full of thoughtful, varied, and detailed ideas for things to do with kiddos, plus tailored recs and even the forecast. It is so evident this is a labor of love, and I am so grateful for it. It has led to several new weekend adventures for our family this spring, as well as given me ideas to file away for the future.

Oakton Mom of 2

Loving all of the different ideas of places to go and things to see. Great for people new to the area.

TravelRN Mom of 2

The scoop has helped me feel like fun outings don’t need to be so big & daunting. Taking a toddler somewhere can sometimes feel like too much work and we don’t do anything new, but I now have a whole backlog of parks, activities etc that I can’t wait to do with our family. This is also coming from someone who grew up in the city, and I feel like I’m constantly hearing about new places I wouldn’t otherwise have thought of.

DC Toddler Mom