Playground Must-Haves - 5 Things I Always Have in My Car

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Today I'm sharing the 5 Things I never leave home without when we are off exploring in the DC Area! Would love to hear your "must-haves" in the comments!

fort barnard playground

1) Tick Remover

Unfortunately, we live in an area with lots of ticks and tick-borne diseases. We have had experience with them and so now I always keep this cheap tick remover in the car. The important thing is to properly detach the tick and save it for testing. This little kit has great instructions on how to remove and send it away for testing. Plus your local county may have a place to send it off to.

2) UPF Hoodie

If you've seen me on Instagram over the past 12 months, I always wear my UPF 50 Hoodie on at playgrounds! I love that it is breathable and 50 UPF. I don't have to worry about applying sunscreen to my neck and arms when we are out exploring! They have lots of sizes and colors.

3) Sun Hats!

I haven't found the perfect hat for me (looking for wide coverage but not frumpy!) but I have found one for my kids! After trying out tons of types, these Sunday Afternoon hats have been my favorite for the last 6 years. Baby and Toddler version here and my son’s 5-year-old Adventure Hat here. (5 full stars on Amazon) I love the UV protection, safety chin strap, and neck portion. 

And this is my favorite sun hat that I wear every single day in Portugal and it really holds up to sitting, smushing, sunscreen etc! Has an adjustable band which is good for my head size.

summer hat portugal

4) Sunscreen

I really like the ThinkSport Kids Safe Sunscreen 50 SPF. It is a little white casting but I can rub it in and I like that it is water-resistant but still a mineral formula. There is also a ThinkBaby version for 6 months and up. 

5) Emergency Potty!

Ok not glamourous but this little Unisex Potty Urinal has saved my life more times than I can count! It works for all of us (don't ask me how I know!) and we took it on road trips earlier in the pandemic. Now, I just use it for my daughter and son if the porta potties are too dirty.