KF94 Mask for Kids We Use Daily

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A couple weeks ago I finally found a KF94 mask my kids like to wear! It's been 3 weeks since my kids went back to school and I wanted to share some of the items we're using daily that have been helpful. (We also use all of these items (minus the lice spray!) when we travel.)

kf94 mask for kids

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KF94 Mask for Kids that Actually Fit!

Unfortunately, we've had a couple of positive cases at our school. I am thankful that our kids have not been identified as close contacts but it reinforced my desire for the kids to wear KF94 masks.

I am not a medical professional at all but I just want to have the best fitting masks for the next couple of months while there are positives at school and before vaccines. KF stands for "Korea Filter" and 94 means "94% filtration efficacy." (You can read more about the difference between KF94 and KN94 in this NY Magazine article. My husband and I use these adult size KF94 masks now indoors.)

The reasons I love these KF94 kids masks:

  • My kids keep them on all day with softer ear loops than other masks. (except spaced out lunch and recess)
  • They contour my kids' faces really well. After trying out tons of sizes and companies, this size fits both my 5 and 8-year-olds. (I also found a slightly larger kids size that would fit older kids maybe around age 10? I thought they might be better for my 8-year-old but she still prefers the ones below.)
  • Because of the shape, it doesn't touch their mouth when they talk. Below is the 20-pack to try out. I purchased the 100 pack which is slightly less per mask.

Fairy Tales Rosemary Repel Daily Kid's Conditioning Spray for Lice Prevention

Going back to school means a daily quick spray of this Lice Prevention Spray! We've used it since my kids were in preschool (4 years ago) and never had lice (knock on wood!) My kids like the smell, it definitely smells rosemary to me. One bottle lasted us 3 years and then i saw it expired and got another one for this year!

Wet Ones Individual Wipes

We have great teachers that have the kids wash their hands all the time but on the off chance they don't wash well enough, I include these individual wet ones in their lunches and snacks. I like the wipe instead of antibacterial soap liquid because it wipes away recess dirt and doesn't run the risk of spilling around their food.

PlanetBox Lunch Box

You may already have a lunchbox but this is our favorite. I read Kids Eat in Color's honest reviews of stainless steel lunchboxes and promptly ordered a PlanetBox. They are pricy BUT we have had my daughters for 3 full school years, going on her 4th and it still looks new. Ordered a second for my son and used all summer for our adventures.

My favorite part is that its so easy to clean, stainless steel so dishwasher friendly. Tons of different styles and colors.

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