Waterproof Overalls Kids Review & Winter Gear

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Waterproof overalls for kids greatly increase our time outside in the winter! I love the Scandinavian Forest School ones but they were pretty expensive. I finally found some Amazon ones that were amazing and at least a third the price!


Jumping for joy in her Kids Waterproof Overalls, Boots, and Jacket all discussed below!

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My Favorite Kids Waterproof Overalls on Amazon:

My favorites of the 3 my kids tried are these Kids Waterproof Rain Pants Dirty Proof Suspender Trousers for Boys and Girls by Aliwiner.

  • 4.6 Stars and 400+ reviews
  • Sizes: 2T/3T all the way to 9/10 years old
  • Comes in 11 colors including solid colors and prints (dinosaur!)

My daughter loved the purple girl's waterproof overalls I bought for her. She said she liked how flexible they are and that the inside is soft.

waterproof overalls

Full view of the waterproof overalls kids love

My favorite part of these kids waterproof overalls:

  • Every part is adjustable and can grow with your child. The over shoulder strap is adjustable and there are buttons on the sides to adjust the width.
  • I like that the foot straps keep the pants in place when you put on boots. But my daughter actually did not like the feeling on her feet. So she simply bushed the strap around her ankle instead)
  • There is a reflector strip on the pants that can help a child’s visibility if walking in the darkness.
  • They come in a variety of colors for boy winter overalls and girl winter overalls.
overalls for kids

Love the snaps around the waist grow into.


  • These are not warm enough for the super cold. But with warm leggings or pants underneath, they would be great for keeping wind and water out!
  • They are not padded, so snow pants would be better for sledding to absorb falls.

2 More Good Waterproof Overalls for Kids Options:

Other Waterproof All Weather Gear for Kids

Artctix Kids Limitless Fleece Top Bib Overalls

My son loved these so much! The fleece part is so soft that he didn’t want to put a shirt on underneath as you can see in the picture!

Great price and 4.6 stars with 3,000+ reviews as of writing.

warm overalls for kids winter

My son loved the fleece overalls!

Bog Boots and a Cheaper Option

My daughter has worn Bog Boots for the past 3 winters and absolutely loves them! They are Rain and Snow Boots in one, incredible quality and great traction. Best of all they are easy for any age kid to put on with their “handles.”

(I have the Amazon links below but I will confess that I have purchased all 3 of her pairs pre-owned on auction or local marketplace sites because they are pricy. They hold up so well that I can then resell them for usually around the same price I purchased them used for.)

Features: 100% Rubber, Leather and Rubber Sole, Aegis anti-microbial odor protection insole.

Note: These are not fluffy inside so recommend warm socks (my suggestion below!)

Reviews: 5 stars and 1200+ reviews!

Bogs Kids’ Rainboot Waterproof Rain Boot

And if you have a Glitter Fan, they have Rose Gold Glitter, Silver Glitter, and Black Glitter versions

Cheaper Option: This year (2022) I couldn't find Bogs boots at the thrift stores so I purchased these "dupes" to see if they would work for my daughter... and she loves them! They are called Neoprene Insulated 100% Waterproof Mid Calf Muck Boots. She's worn them every day and they seem very similar to Bogs. They are heavier than rain boots but great for rain, snow, and leaves.

Amazon Essentials Girls' Lightweight Water-Resistant Packable Hooded Puffer Jacket

My daughter's favorite coat! She feels overheated very easily so she loves this lightweight but warm jacket. We will need to get her a proper snow jacket for the serious snow days but for now, she's worn this in as low as 21 degrees! This is her second year wearing the coat and it has held up great. There are 20 styles to choose from.

4.6 stars and 1,600+ ratings as of writing!

waterproof overals for kids in the wild

She wears this Amazon Lightweight Jacket even in the Snow!

A Splurge that Makes a Huge Difference - Socks!

I have always bought the cheapest gloves and socks for my kids because I always think that since they grow out of things quickly, it's not worth the cost. But I’m finally realizing that investing in high-quality materials makes such a difference. Especially when you are talking about being wet and cold!

Smartwool Socks

This year, I bought Smartwool socks for my kids and they are wonderful. Yes, 1 pair is the price of a whole pack (or two!) of big box store socks but these are made of 73% Merino wool, 23% nylon, and 1% elastane. They are so comfortable and warm but you don’t sweat at all!

I have had the same pair of Smartwool socks for 4 years and they are still going strong and this year my husband got his first pair and wears them like slippers!

Tip: Definitely size up! They run super small. Lots of different styles to check out:

Women’s All Weather Gear

Smartwool Gloves

My lovely sister-in-law bought me these gloves for my birthday this year and I love them! The gloves are lined with the same merino wool as Smartwool socks and have a waterproof outer shell. I wore them this week with our first snow/freezing rain and they kept my hands so warm!

My favorite feature is their flexibility. It's easy now to drive the car with them OR join a snowball fight!

Smartwool SmartLoft Gloves

And there you have it! These are all of my recommendations for waterproof overalls for kids as well as all-weather gear for families. I hope you found something useful for your socially distanced adventures this winter! If you need ideas on where to go, check out my 17 Winter Social Distancing Spots. Feel free to send me any questions over on Instagram or here in the comments.