Bryce Resort Snow Tubing in Virginia Review

Bryce Resort Snow Tubing was the highlight of last winter! Bryce Resort is only a 2-hour drive from Washington, D.C. in the Shenandoah Valley and was a wonderful day trip. It was our first-time snow tubing as a family so wanted to share everything we learned! Below the review, I list 5 other snow tubing in Virginia spots.

Snow Tubing Bryce Resort

Love the Magic Carpet that takes you up to the top of the snow tubing hill at Bryce Resort!

The Process of Snow Tubing in Bayse, Virginia:

  1. We signed up about a week beforehand on their website for a 90 minute session of snow tubing. Weekend spots sell out fast so make sure you get tickets asap.
  2. Ages: Snow tubing is only for ages 4 and up and 36 inches tall. Each kid and adult must be in their own tube. Kids cannot ride on your lap, they have to be in their own tube and thus must be tall enough to not fall out!
  3. When we arrived for our 1:30PM spot, the parking lot was FULL (lots of skiers and snowboarders!) and so we parked on the side of the street next to the small aircraft airport. It was only across the street and not far.
  4. You check in at the outdoor window for tubing and collect your snow tubing pass that you wear on your coat.
  5. Next we headed over to the snow tubing area and showed our pass to the staff who gave us a little safety talk.
  6. Finally we grabbed our tubes and walked up to the magic carpet to take us up!
  7. The hill doesn't look to high but the angle and the packed snow (aka ice!) made for a VERY fast start. (Of course I am not a fan of speed so take that with a grain of salt!) My 4 year old and 8 year old loved it but they did say it was SUPER fast!
Bryce Resort Snow Tubing 2

Pros of Bryce Resort Snow Tubing:

  1. Close to DC! It was less than 2 hour drive from Fairfax County and exactly 2 hours (without traffic!) from downtown DC.
  2. Great social distancing activity because you are in your own tube, everyone wore masks at the snow tubing area and you are spaced apart in line by your tube!
  3. I love the combo savings of Bryce Resort Tubing and Ice Skating. When we went it was $29 per person + $8 for ice skating. Ice Skating is regularly $15 for 90 minutes.
  4. You have a scheduled 90 minute session so you will have enough time to go down plenty of times! We found

Cons of Bryce Resort Tubing:

  1. Mask wearing was not 100% at the outdoor terrace area near the ski slopes and it was very crowded. We went over there to check it out but when we saw a lot of people without masks in a close area, we did not enter the area. (Thankfully, everyone wore masks on the snow tubing and ice skating area)
  2. You need to book the snow tubing tickets in advance, especially on weekends and holidays. Some weekends sell out days ahead of time so make sure to purchase asap! Link to purchase:
Snow Tubing Kids near dc Bryce Resort

More Snow Tubing in Virginia Places:

  1. Massanutten Snow Tubing (900 feet) (Massanutten, VA)
  2. Wintergreen Resort - The Plunge Snow Tubing (Wintergreen, VA) Recommended for ages 6 and up.
  3. Liberty Mountain - Does not use real snow but something called "snowflex" (Lynchburg, VA)
  4. The Homestead Omni Resort - Snow Tubing (Hot Springs, VA)

I hope that was helpful and let me know if you have any more questions in the comments! And if you need more outdoor social distancing fun, check out this blog post with 17 spots for winter or a free Winter Forest Scavenger Hunt Printable.

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