The Best Smithsonian Museums For Babies!

I had the great joy of guest posting on Sunshine Whispers this week with my suggestions for the best museums for babies! Check it out to read abotu my top 3 museums for babies. Can you guess which ones based on the photos below?  

When you think of a baby play area, you probably don’t picture the world-renowned Smithsonian Museums, right?! Surprisingly, I have found these museums to be a wonderful place for both babies and toddlers after years of visiting. In fact, one of the first places we took my now 6-year-old daughter as a newborn was to a museum because she was a winter baby and I needed to get out of the house! 

I guess everyone in our family caught the museum bug as we have now completed a bucket list challenge and visited all the DC Smithsonians. Below, I’ll share more below about why museums are great for this age and which museums are best for this age.  I also have a lot more in-depth info on my website, Family Trip Guides including the best times to go to each museum to avoid the crowds, parking tips and food options in/outside the museums.


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