Meow Wolf Denver Parking and Family Trip Review

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We had an out-of-this-world time at Meow Wolf in Denver - Convergence Station! (and parking was easy!)

Have you heard of Meow Wolf? It is an "immersive art experience that transport audiences of all ages into fantastic realms of story and exploration.” On their website they share the creations are created by “hundreds of artists from underrepresented, local, and international communities.” They have locations in Las Vegas and Sante Fe as well. Below are my tips for parking, our favorite parts and ages of kids and more.

Meow Wolf Denver Parking

Parking at Meow Wolf Denver

Meow Wolf Denver is less than 2 miles from Downtown right by Empower Field at Mile High. We drove to Meow Wolf Denver and parked at the parking lot right in front of Convergence Station. The address is 1338 1st Street Denver, CO 80204.

Fees: The cost is $15 per day.

There is also a Parking Garage at 650 Walnut St. Denver, CO 80204 if the parking lot is full.

Fees: Monday–Thursday until 5 p.m.: $7.25 daily flat rate or $4.00 for two hours. Nights and Weekends Rates (Monday– Thursday after 5 p.m., and all day Friday–Sunday): $20

Important note about Meow Wolf Denver Parking on Game Days:

On NFL Game Days, there is NO parking on site so you would need to use a ride-sharing app or taxi services. Check the ‍Empower Field at Mile High NFL Schedule here. (Currently 9 days a year.)

Parking just outside Meow Wolf Denver

Our Favorite Parts of Meow Wolf Convergence Station Denver

  1. Our kids loved all the secret doors and passageways!
  2. Everything is touchable and interactive. There are old school arcade games that you can actually play and brain teasers.
  3. Costumed staff were so friendly and welcoming.
  4. There are so many nooks and crannies to explore! Some of the rooms are full of mirrors, some are 4 level surrealist forests... so much to explore!

Meow Wolf Denver Parking

Tips for Visiting Meow Wolf Denver (Tickets, Timing, Parking, Ages of Kids)

  1. Get your tickets ahead of time online to avoid sell out dates.
  2. Plan for a full morning or afternoon. We were there for 3 hours and didn't see everything!
  3. If kids need a break from all the sights and sounds, the cafe has great snacks and you can re-enter at any time. They also have a nice seating area outside to get fresh air.
  4. I would recommend for ages 5 and up. Some of the art can be a little overwhelming.
  5. Check the NFL schedule for the nearby stadium and go on a day where they don't have a game because they you can park right in front!

Meow Wolf Denver Parking

Don't forget to go around the corner from the parking lot at Meow Wolf to take a pic of this iconic wall!