Baby Essentials for Travel – 30 Items for Plane, Hotel and Car

I’ve logged 40+ flights with my little ones and have tested a lot of baby essentials for travel over the years. Traveling with babies from DC to Europe and Asia 4 times and dozens of domestic flights, I have my favorites. Below is my Must-Have gear with with some cheap/free swaps included too!

baby essentials for travel
My favorite Baby Essentials for Travel

I’ve used all of these items with my kids. Preparation is key when traveling with babies so the list is organized by:

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Baby Essentials for Travel of All Types

Spill Proof Water Cup – If you don’t already have… my #1 of Baby Essentials for any travel

If you have a 6+ Month old, chances are you already have these famous cups but just in case not, my 3 favorite things about the Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cup!

  1. Spill proof, really
  2. Handles are great for older babies and young toddlers
  3. Lids and handles are interchangeable with other models as they get older.

First Aid Kit and Thermometer

Yes, you will probably have access to a store or pharmacy in your travels but in the middle of the night, you want to have the basics with you. I couldn’t find the one I purchased but I like this small Travel First Aid Kit with 64 pieces under ten dollars. I also always travel with an ear thermometer. A couple of times while traveling, I thought my baby might have a fever but they were completely fine when checked with a thermometer. Maybe the hotel was just warmer than at home!

Disposable Stick-On Placemats (I always have these in my bag!)

I always have Disposable Stick-On Placemats in my bag for restaurants, airplane trays and in-law houses. They have 4 stickers on the back so you can put around the edges to keep everything clean. There are different designs including Disney and usually around 40 cents each.

Baby Carrier – Top Baby Essentials for Travel

Wherever your travels take you, a baby carrier will make it a little easier! I am a loyal Ergo user and used ours from infant to 4 years old for my two children. The Ergobaby 360 All-Position Baby Carrier with Lumbar Support and Air Mesh is versatile for long hikes or a brisk walk to your airport gate. Because it ranges from 12 to 45 pounds, this can be one of your only carriers. I used all of the different positions: front carry, front carry (5+ months), hip carry and back carry (6+ months).

Baby essentials for travel ergo carrier
Skipping in Switzerland with the Ergo!

Travel Changing Pad

I’ve used this Skip Hop Pronto Changing Pad on trains in Switzerland, planes to Taiwan and everywhere in between! I like that there is a cushion on the pad, wider at the arms for babies when they wiggle, space for a couple diapers, wipe container and a big strap to put on your arm.

The Best Travel Stroller (13 lbs. under $100 and reclines!)

The Summer 3Dlite Convenience Stroller is my favorite travel stroller by far. We purchased one back in 2013 and it lasted through over a dozen international trips. We purchased a second one in 2017 when my son was born. The best parts is that its affordable and still has a 4 different reclining positions. It is also super lightweight and easy to maneuver.

Painter’s Tape – Mom Hack of Baby Essentials for Travel

MOM HACK: This may seem like odd to add to a list of baby essentials for travel but hear me out! Painters Tape is great for babyproofing in all cases. At a hotel, you can use the blue tape to cover outlets, shut drawers and pull up cords. And it won’t damage the paint or furniture when you pull it off! On the plane, painters tape can cover the call attendant button or outlets.

Baby Essentials for Travel by Plane

Fun Snacks in a new pill box

MOM HACK: This is a fun surprise for your baby when you travel on a plane! Put small, safe snacks in a new pill box for them to open with you. My kids have loved cheerios, puffs and other safe snacks in these. I bought mine at the at the dollar tree or this is the most affordable pill box I found on Amazon 🙂

Snack container Baby essentials for Travel
Fun Snack Containers! (Not good for car, just plane when you are next to them!)

Gate Check Bags for Strollers

We’ve used these Gate Check Bags for our Stroller and Car Seats for years and they hold up for about 2-3 round trip international flights. They are much cheaper than the padded ones but if you have an expensive stroller, consider those.

Disposable Bibs with Crumb Catcher

We use washable bibs at home but when traveling any less laundry is great! These disposables bibs are waterproof, quilted and has a crumb catcher.

Foldable Tray Cover

Its a rule in plane travel that as much as you try, everything will fall from the tray! This Foldable Tray Cover helps with that and keeps everything clean and tidy. My kids are older now and love using it!

Nursing Cover

If you are nursing, a cover is essential on the plane. Many times the sights and sounds on the plane can be distracting for little ones and a cover helps them focus (and maybe even fall asleep!) I believe this is the nursing cover I used but there are tons of great ones. The best for me was with a small arch so the baby and I could see each other.

Toy from Home for Takeoff/Landing

I always recommend parents bring a favorite toy, like a Sophie the giraffe, for your child to chew or suck on during take off and landing. The chewing relieves pressure in their ears. Nursing is also amazing for take off and landing!

Good Traveler Awards

My mom started this tradition when we were young and moving internationally. She would ‘wrap’ new, little toys in brown paper bags and we could open them as Good Traveler Awards. To this day, I still pack a couple GTAs on our trips. These can be simple items from the dollar tree or a new coloring book. Here are a couple ideas for babies on planes:

Baby essentials for Travel good traveler awards
GTA = Good Traveler Award!

Spill Proof Snack Catchers

These spill-proof Snack Catchers are gold on a plane and very affordable.

Extra Clothes and Ziplock Bags

Friendly reminder to bring extra clothes for each traveler on the plane, not just the baby. I learned this lesson the hard way when our complimentary ANA wine spilled all over me and I met my new Taiwanese relatives smelling like alcohol!

MOM HACK: I always pack a couple of ziplock bags in my diaper bag to keep dirty clothes zipped up.

Hotel Baby Essentials for Travel

Portable Sound Machine

We used this Portable Sound Machine for years and love that it can clip onto anything in your hotel room or car!

Portable Travel High Chair

I never knew these soft Portable High Chair‘s existed before kids! We used these when traveling to grandparents houses and when we visited Taiwan. I couldn’t find out exact one but this one was highly rated and rolls up ato fit in your diaper bag.

Portable Blackout Curtain + Free Hack

Jet lag and changed sleeping schedules is all the more difficult when early sun wakes up your baby! I tested out these Portable Blackout Curtain with Window Suction Cups and it worked great!

MOM HACK: It is a little bulky for travel so another option is to use a hanger in your hotel that has clips for pants. Use the clips to close the curtains!

Safety Inflatable Bathtub

A friend gave us an inflatable bathtub years ago and it helped me feel better about bath time in a hotel tub. I also tested out this Disney Safety Inflatable Bathtub and it worked great and I love the compartments for shampoo.

Bring your own sheet for the crib

A great packing tip that my daughter’s pediatrician gave us if you are going to borrow a crib from a hotel or friend, bring your own fitted sheet.

  1. It’s a lot softer than the harsh hotel bleached ones
  2. The smell will remind your child of home and help them sleep better!

If you don’t have a pack n’ play sheets, here are 100% Natural Cotton Fitted Pack N Play Sheets with 6,000+ reviews and 4.5 stars.

Travel Cot or Portable Bassinet

Depending on where you are visiting, a travel cot or portable bassinet is a baby travel essential. We’ve used the Koalaty 3-in-1 Universal Travel Bassinet, bag and changing station. I love that it is lightweight and can even be packed in your luggage. The Koalaty is only for young babies for sleep (you could use it for older babies as a changing table.

For older babies, the Lotus Travel Crib is the most recommended. It folds into a 13 lbs backpack, includes a mattress and is certified safe and non toxic.

baby essentials for travel baby essentials for travel

Blanket or Play Mat

If you have a scooter or crawler, I highly recommend bringing some sort of mat for the hotel floors… they can be pretty dirty! I usually just used a muslin blanket but here is a water proof play mat that has high reviews and comes in a pouch!

baby essentials for travel

Travel Baby Shampoo

I didn’t think about bringing baby shampoo on my daughter’s first trip but realized quickly I didn’t want to use my soap on her! You can fill up their regular baby shampoo in a reusable container or use the always amazing California Baby Travel sizes.

A more affordable option is the Johnson’s Baby Shampoo Travel Size.

baby essentials for travel

Washcloth and Hair Tie

MOM HACK: If you are using the hotel bathtub, first put a washcloth and hair tie or rubber band around the nozzle. This puts a cushion around the sharp nozzle in case you or your baby brushes up against it.

Baby essentials for travel wash cloth hack
Washcloth and Hair Tie Tip for Hotel Bathroom!

Travel Baby Monitor

We didn’t always travel with a baby monitor but when we did we used these very affordable Vtech travel monitors which are under 20 dollars.

baby essentials for travel

Baby Essentials for Travel by Car

Toy Links – #1 of my Baby Essentials for Road Travel

This is my number 1 recommendation for baby travel essentials specifically for long car rides… Toy Links aka clips! I clip toys, water cups etc. It can be so hard to find things in the back seat once your baby in a rear-facing car seat drops them! Also great for planes and just as a fun non-droppable toy/chew toy for babies!

Baby Sunglasses with Strap

I could never find good window shades that stayed up on my windows so Baby Sunglasses is a great solution to sun in a baby’s eyes. I would not recommend the strap while in the car for safety reasons. I recently tested these Cocosand sunglasses and was really impressed with the quality. Easy to see why they have a full 5 star rating and 5,400+ reviews!

baby essentials for travel

Baby in-Sight Car Mirror

You might already have one but if not, a car mirror is a must have baby travel essential! We used this Brica brand Car Mirror for all the years of rear facing car seats.

baby essentials for travel

Board Books – Cars

Baby Essentials – Travel Books with Clips

Books with activities like crinkling or tabs and all have clips so they don’t fall!

baby essentials for travel

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