Things to Do with Kids on New Year’s Eve – DC Area and At Home

Whether you want to bundle up and head outside for New Year’s Eve or spend a cozy evening in with your family, I’m sharing 10 Things to Do with Kids on New Year’s Eve below!

Things to Do with Kids on New Year’s Eve in the DC Area:

#1 Noon Yards Eve is going Virtual this year!

While the take home kids are all gone, you can still tune into The Yards DC from 11 am to 12 PM to watch the virtual celebration from the warmth of your home. There will be a magician and family friendly musician. Check out their insta for the link on Thursday!

Things to Do with Kids on new years day Noon Yards Eve

#2 First Night Alexandria Drive-In Concert Experience

2 Family Friendly Shows on New Year’s Eve. One is at 6:30 PM (home before midnight) and the other is at 9:30 PM to ring in the new year. $60 per vehicle which includes a “night filled with classic hits, local food trucks and exciting giveaways.” They also have a live streamed version for $20. All info is on their website here:  

#3 Port Discovery Children’s Museum in Baltimore Noontime New Year!

Tons of family fun on Thursday December 31 from 10 AM to 3 PM. All the details and ticket purchase is here and include a DIY Party Poppers, jugglers, children musicians, and a countdown to Noon! Admission is $17.95 per person.

New Year’s Eve Kids Activities At Home

#1 Balloon “Ball Drop” from Chandelier

This is a great idea from @500parks that’s so simple and we are definitely going to try it this year! Her family does the countdown on London time (7PM EST) which makes it easier for young kiddos! I found a detailed tutorial to make one here or I will probably just use a bed sheet!

#2 Take a “Last Day of the Year” or “First Day of the Year” Hike as a family!

Tons of ideas in my previous posts on Winter Social Distancing Spots in DC, VA and MD and 22 Social Distanced Things to Do in DC/VA/MD.

#3 Coronavirus Time Capsule Free Download – Things to Do with Kids on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day

Jessica Turner has a great free downloadable journal for your kids to fill out here. It has spots like:

  1. About our Family in 2020
  2. Safe at Home: How I spend my days
  3. Special Days and Memories
  4. Silver Lining: Gratitude Reflections
  5. Dear Me: A Letter to Myself

#4 Family Time Capsule Video

This is inspired by one of my favorite YouTubers, Amon and Christina from Our Rich Journey’s most recent video here. I’m not going to be fancy and fill in with videos throughout the year. But I am excited to record my family’s answers to these questions and watch them again in 10 years!

  1. What is an amazing thing you expect to do by 2030?
  2. Favorite recent memory?
  3. What made you laugh the hardest recently?
  4. Favorite Movie?
  5. Favorite Song?
  6. Favorite Book?
  7. What are you best at?
  8. What made you really proud this year?
  9. What is something new that you think will be invented by 2030?
  10. 2020 in one word?
  11. What advice would you give your future self?

#5 Simple Thing to Do with Kids on New Years Day…“What We are Proud of in 2020” Poster

Put a sheet of paper on your fridge or wall and ask family members to record what they are proud of in 2020. It can be simple or profound. It’s so fun to read everyone’s contributions on New Year’s Eve. We did this last year and it was wonderful to have all our moments on one sheet of paper. This year my 4 year old son said “I’m proud I had a dream about doing an experiment with Dino Dana” his favorite tv show! One that my 7 year old wrote was, “I’m proud of learning more math.”

#6 Sesame Street Countdown on YouTube (pre-recorded)

Great suggestion from @Chelsey_dc to watch the pre- recorded ball drop (from a seal?) and drink some bubbly juice with your little one!

#7 Gamenight! – Lots of Things to Do with Kids on New Year’s Eve!

A mom on Instagram shared her family’s tradition of always playing charades on New Year’s Eve! Found a list of 14 more games on Good Housekeeping including a Scavenger Hunt, Dice Game, Wishing Wall and Wordsearch. Lots are free printables.

Whatever you decide to do, I hope you have a wonderful new year with the people you love!


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