3 Holiday Lights in Burke & Springfield Virginia - Free and Unique!

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holiday-lights-in-burke-springfield elf house

Below are 3 unique and fun neighborhood lights in Burke and Virginia that our family has enjoyed!

#1 Elf House at 9615 Ashbourn Drive, Burke VA

Ever seen an Elf the Movie Themed Neighborhood Lights?! A family in Burke, Virginia designed the most darling set which you can walk through complete with revolving doors for Buddy (with a note that says for Buddy’s use only ☺️) Gimbals Store Windows, the “Lincoln Tunnel” Narwhal and the Sea of the Swirly Twirly Gumdrops!

We watched Elf and then went to see the lights and highly recommend that order because you will notice so much more if you’ve watched it recently. (Available to rent on Amazon Prime or Apple).

And check out the house's Instagram here!

Address: 9615 Ashbourn Drive, Burke VA

Hours: Daily 5:30 - 11 PM

Elf house holiday-lights-in-burke-springfield

#2 Marshall Pond Cul-De-Sac Santa’s Village 10108 Marshall Pond Road, Burke VA

Next, we drove 7 minutes away to the Marshall Pond Cul-De-Sac Santa’s Village. An entire street goes all out with lights! You park on the main street and then walk down the cul-de-sac.

Address: 10108 Marshall Pond Road, Burke VA

Marshall pond holiday-lights-in-burke-springfield

#3 "The Shell That Decorates" in Springfield with Timed Music

The Cardinal Shell Gas Station at the corner of Rolling Road and Old Keene Mill Road in Springfield has a light show timed to music that you can hear on your car radio at 88.1 FM with over 100,000 lights. I heard from someone that they have local college engineering students help with the timing! The best spot to view is from the 7-Eleven parking lot across the street. Pictures and info here.

Address: Corner of Rolling Road and Old Keene Mill, Springfield

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