Winter Forest Scavenger Hunt Printable - Free!

My kids and I love exploring the forest, especially in the winter as there are fewer bugs and people on trails!

Winter Forest Scavenger Hunt Printable

My wonderful friend in the UK shared with me her cool Winter Forest Scavenger Hunt printable and graciously allowed me to share it here with you like a free printable download from Google docs. Just click on the link here and download the PDF, no email sign-up required!

Couple ideas on using the Winter Forest Scavenger Hunt:

  1. We had lots of fun the first time taking it out! At first, I told the kids just to find a bingo or just one row of items. I thought it would be harder to find all the items but they quickly hit bingo so we went for most mark-offs!
  2. If you have a document protector, it would be great to laminate the winter forest scavenger hunt and keep in the car if you are out at a new park one day and want to use it.
  3. You can also screenshot on your phone and have your kids use the markup feature to check off the ones you've found.

Other Winter Forest Fun Ideas:

  1. Bring string and tie it next to interesting things you spot on your walk. Make sure to count how man you tie! Then on your way back, make a game out of finding all the strings and untying them!
  2. Sticks are great for building and pretend.
  3. Peel back bark off dead trees to see if you can spot any critters!

I hope you and your kids have fun with this winter forest scavenger hunt printable! And check out 17 Social Distancing Spots in DC during winter for some great places to use your winter forest scavenger hunt printable. Finally, check out my favorite winter weather gear for kids to help you explore in all kinds of weather!

Winter Forest Scavenger Hunt Printable 2

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